Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Wedding!!!

Finally we have sat down and looked at some pics to decide which ones we think are good. but the funny thing is is that people always have the picture of themselves on their wedding day of them in front of the temple well we are not like anybody else because the ground was covered in feet of snow and highways closed so our photographer couldn't make the drive. so we will just envy people every time we walk into their houses and see their beautiful temple pictures on their wall. no just kidding we are so grateful for that special day and our memories and feelings will always speak louder than any picture could capture.

Fun with Side Walk Chalk & Bubbles

So when the weather goes from yucky snowy and cold to super nice and beautiful all we want to do is play outside and we both love playing outside and being outdoors. So the other day we went and color a pretty picture on the wall of a near by neighborhood. Then we blew bubbles and snuggled in the sun!! What a perfect day :)

Cam's Birthday!!!!!

Happy 24th birthday to Cam. we had such a fun day and week. we celebrated as a family then with friends. Cam loves transformers he has been wanting and looking at this one shirt for years!!! (He's so cute) so we got him his dream shirt "what would optimus prime do?" then we made tie dye cup cakes to celebrate with friends! which were way fun to make!!


A recent adventure worth sharing comes from this last Martin Luther King Day.We had a color-ful day out in the white snow--a great way to celebrate, no? :) 
Our friend Heather Hightower has an uncle who has a beautiful cabin in Midway.

It was our first time snowshoeing and it was loads of fun!
It turns out it's really hard to walk backwards in snowshoes...and even more difficult to get up once you fall down.



We loved snowboarding!  Mama'lick and Mad-E came to visit for conference weekend and we all went snowboarding up at Snowbird.  The mountains and snow were beautiful.  Carving across the snow is even better than carving on the longboard!  After a full day of snowboarding as newbies, we were both super sore. It was a great adventure! And one we'd like to do again soon...if only it wasn't so expensive!

Wedding Vows

We would love to start by telling all about the wedding and put in tons of pictures and such, but life is busy and if we waited until it was perfect and we could do it all at once, it would never happen. We do have our wedding vows typed up and will make this our first entry to share with everyone. We'll just do things piece-wise. Love to all. :)
And yes, we are very happy and are loving being married.

Two poems to Heather I read:

Life with You
How do you describe what it feels like to live?
deep breaths of pure air
warm sun on the face
cool grass between toes
pure water runs down parched skin
wind whispers through trees
and the sight of endless sky

To live.
To breathe.
To dance.
To sing.
To laugh.
To hold.
To touch.
To cry.
To feel.

You are life.
When I am with you, I know what it is to live.
I feel. I breathe. I taste. I smell. I hear.
I feel.

I feel you.
I see you.
I know you.
I respect you.
I love you.
I live.

Kindred Spirits
Soul of my soul
The same cloth of life
brought forth us two

Life incomplete
While you weren’t with me
The long wait has ended.

Kaleidoscope colors
Courage. Love. Kindness. Care.
I adore your spirit

Run strong with wild horses.
Boom with the thunder.
You are powerful.

Weep with the rocks.
Curl up with the ferns.
You are sensitive.

Laugh with waiving daisies.
Chuckle with rolling hills.
You live life with joy.

Caress sky with clouds
Soften rock, running water
You are kind.

Soar with the wind.
Hold onto rogue waves.
You are free.

Stand tall with the pines.
Stand firm with eternal mountains.
You are noble.

Oh! free, noble spirit! Oh! goddess divine!
Let us know life together.
I, yours and you, mine.

Cam's Vows to Heather:
I promise to fulfill your dreams with you, fulfill my dreams with you, and to find, share, and fulfill shared dreams with you.
I promise to revere you in your sacred role of mother as I revere Sacred Mother Earth. You are a giver of life and light.
Our relationship will be one of ennoblement.
I promise to share of myself unabashedly.
I promise to share the fullness of life with you.
I promise to try to help you find harmony with the Creator, that you might find peace in life, and oneness with me.
I promise to never fall out of love. I promise that loving you and loving life with you will be my daily quest.
I promise to make the world a better place together with you.
I promise that we will share forever together.

These things I promise, and present you with this ring as token and seal of these things.

Heather's Vows to Cam:
I promise that our marriage will be in the Lord, in the ways of the Lord.
1 Cor 11:11 "neither is man without the woman, neither the woman without the man in the Lord"
I promise to continue to create individual wholeness and marital oneness from two halves striving to be whole.
I promise to love with all my emotional feeling and holy devotion.
I promise to love with unboundless love that reaches to never ending galaxies.
I promise for the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart to be only upon you in kindness.
Whether sick or poor, healthy or wealthy I will be by your side to tend and care for you.
I promise to put your needs before mine and be patient and kind.
I promise to have eternal charity that never dies.