Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring into fun!!

Kind of late on these pics but better late than never! These are just some fun things we've done over the past couple months.
Cam's Hair Cut and Birthday :)

 Cam's Before and after hair cut! Dont you love Cam's hair cut and the spring? It is so new and refreshing and just so wonderful in so many different ways! (once again both the hair cut and the season ;)
 We celebrated Cams birthday with his favorite, carrot cake! Yummmmmm....
New birthday outfit.
 We are all about good food. Cam got a grill for his birthday so we grilled some way delicious steaks with a candle on top.

ST. Patty's Day!!
This is one of my favorite meals of the year. I would have to say that corned beef and cabbage wins my heart and stomach over turkey and ham any day!!

Our Trip to Logan
This turned out to be such a nice little trip. We drove down to Logan Utah after we finished our finals on Thursday because we had a gift certificate from our wedding for the anniversary inn and we had such a lovely time. We ate at an Indian restaurant that was connected to a gas station. This made more sense when we arrived and saw that the same Indian owners owned both the restaurant and the gas station. The food was pretty good. The next morning we had the opportunity to go to the Logan UT temple and it was so beautiful. The ironic thing was as we had left cold Rexburg, we drove into huge snow storm that we just couldn't get out of the entire time that we were gone. but we still had so much fun!. :)
 The Crazy Snow while driving!

A taste of India. To the left is the restaurant and the connected gas station.
 The Logan Utah Temple


  1. what a fun update! Where do you guys live in Rexburg?? Hope all is well!

  2. we are living in the village. hows that little boy fetus coming along? so fun Erin!

  3. Things are good for Devin and I and our little boy! :) i am now half way through this pregnancy and I am very lucky for it to have been so easy!!! Hope all is well for you and your man!